Wooden Kitchen

The wooden kitchen offers the nobility of the beautiful past and its originality, in addition to the distinctive luxury that result from manufacturing the timber which reflect the different types of forests, its depth and its beauty

By adding the modern technology applied by the famous plants in the world into the originality of timber Kitchen Line offers the products that create the fantastic feeling of the free nature with a lot of respect to the professionalism of the industry that adds its recognized touch

It is possible that some customers believe that a wooden kitchen should have a wooden color as well, yes that was in the past.
Today, and with the provision of sophisticated and modern paint devices we offer you colorful and resistant layers of painted wooden kitchens to have glossy attractive appearance. In addition, the use of smart industrial machines, the CNC as it is called, is doing a three-dimensional drilling and carving designs in a very precise, beauty, which adds another dimension to the luxurious look of the wooden kitchens.

Our customers who like to have wooden kitchens are of noble families who know the importance of having a wooden kitchen in a house or a villa and the luxurious look that it brings

• Kitchens with artistic engrave & natural symbols
• Kitchens with wooden colors
• Kitchens with colored wood

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